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In January 2012, the WEB counted more than 580 million websites, 175 million of them were considered active, we would like to improve the user’s experience in each site to increase the ratio of active websites among all.
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About nForto Limited

Our company focuses on the WEB, one of the most exciting things everyone uses every day.

nForto is about redefining the WEB by providing and designing simple & innovative solutions while trying to conceive precisely our users expectations.

We are more than a host of WEB-based solutions, creativity and innovation are part of our core values, to provide a new aspect of the WEB and a unique experience to our users.

Users who use our WEB-based solutions, have access to appropriate procedures, to help them carry out their WEB activity.

We believe the WEB is becoming the hub that will connect the digital devices of the future and to make this possible nForto provides its users with the right tools to let them focus on what matters most.

Why the WEB?

The WEB is borderless and is one of the most exciting things everyone uses every day! Nowadays the WEB is evolving very fast and this is just the beginning. At the present time we’re using WEB 2.0.

After the gains brought by the new economy, WEB 2.0 has enabled very rapid enrichment of some businesses, as it had been the case at the first release of the Web. WEB 2.0 is about rich user experiences; it allows users to interact and collaborate with each other in a social media dialogue. Examples of WEB 2.0 include social networking sites, blogs, wikis, video sharing sites, hosted services, web applications, etc.

What we are experiencing right now is just a transition of what’s coming next ; with the arrival of Cloud Computing and other technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 we’re already transitioning to WEB² (Squared) and WEB 3.0/3D ; where we’ll be able to interact with 3D websites and 3D games through our web browsers.

In January 2012, the WEB counted more than 580 million websites, we would like to increase that number by contributing directly to the success of our users web journey.

Innovation & Creativity

Innovation & creativity are part of nForto’s core values. We focus on the WEB that means everything related to it ! Nowadays IT companies offer great services (Online Surveys, DNS Services, Web Hosting etc.), but we think these services should be improved; by making them simpler to users, because we care about their needs. If we compare the different services of IT we’ll find that they attend to be very similar. What differs among them is the user interface.

We think many people spend a lot of time and money trying to understand how to use the tools they have been provided with. We would like to change that; by innovating the tools our users need, and by making those tools user- friendly.

Here at nForto we are working on creating our own WEB Solutions that are developed in-house and exclusive to nForto. We would like our users to feel confident, satisfied, by knowing that they are at all times, assisted, guided and safe, by a simple logon.

In January 2012, the WEB counted more than 580 million websites, 175 million of them were considered active, we would like to improve the user’s experience in each site to increase the ratio of active websites among all.

Our Core Values

Innovation & creativity.

We drive our users through innovation by providing them with the right and innovative tools and let them focus on their business.


We assist our users whether it’s virtually, by phone, or mail. We take our customers satisfaction very seriously by building relationships with them.


We always try to anticipate what’s coming next, by understanding our users business, and walking with them side by side.

Green WEB.

We are concerned about our planet, by designing green and innovative tools requiring the lowest energy consumption.

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