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Are you thinking mobile & looking for an app developer?

Your App

Apps are about creating utility, and utility means your brand becomes part of users daily lives.

Native Features

Mobile devices offer your site a host of capabilities that your desktop computer cannot replicate such as geolocation, multi-touch, and click-to-call. 


How important do you think is the desktop Web for your performance? Well, it is downright as fatal on the mobile platform. 90% of your potential customers surf through several screens before making their purchase. 

Responsive Design

Adapting your communication to the small screen world, is the cornerstone of an efficient cross-platform corporate presence. 

Your iOS App

With more than 1.2 million apps available and 75+ billion apps downloaded, making your App available on such a store is a must, that’s why our bundles come with an iOS app. 

Your Android App

Making your business available on multiple screens & platforms is the key to your business success. Why would you pay your app developer to build two apps when your Android App comes with our bundles at no extra costs?


80% of smartphone users don’t leave home without their smartphone.


74% go online with their smartphone every day.


55% search on their smartphone every day.


66% of smartphone users expect sites to work as well on their mobile as on their desktop.


Who We Are.

We are a a web agency that offers website development services. Including website development fully “à la carte”, mobile apps development, web hosting, SEO and more.

We believe that the WEB is becoming the hub that will connect the digital devices of the future and to make that possible nForto provides you with the right solutions to create a multi-screen experience through its bundles.

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Multi-screen is Here, Now.

Smartphone use in the UK doubled in two years, tablet use tripled in a year with smartphones at 62%, tablets at 30% and desktops & laptops at 79%. Rising multi-screen behaviour means that a good user experience across devices is a must have.

Two thirds of smartphone users expect sites to work as well on their mobile as on their desktop.

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Professional & Skillful Service.

If you're looking for a web developer, then you've found one. We are nForto a web agency. Our team has over 7 years experience of web programming as well as networks & servers administration.

We are a full-service web agency for custom PHP programming, new website development, website maintenance, SEO or any other kind of website development project you may have.

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Smartphones are used to research and purchase.

61% use their smartphone to research and purchase. Mobile research influences purchases also on other devices. E.g. after researching travel products on smartphones, 12% purchase on their mobile and 88% purchase on desktop, tablet or offline.

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We make sure to respect timings and deadlines.

Punctuality is one of our core values. Aware of how crucially your online presence impacts your performance, we make sure your website or E-store is active on D-day and not a minute later.

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Daily screen use.

A typical global multi-screen user consumes just under 7 hours of screen media daily. Smartphones are now comfortably the largest single screen medium around the world. Combined with tablet, mobile devices now take up 47% of all screen time.

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We handle requests with care and treat information in confidence.

The concept of a website "à la carte" consists in taking into account every single special request. Your sensitive information is obviously legally protected with confidentiality clauses signed by the company.

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A Multi-screen Nation.

We are a nation of multi-screeners. Most of consumers media time today is spent in front of a screen - computer, smartphone, tablet and TV.

The device we choose to use is often driven by users context: where they are, what they want to accomplish and the amount of time needed.

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We ensure that the quality of our services is at the best level.

Your website is a reflexion of your corporate image; Our responsibility is to give your customers the best perception of what you have to offer, say or sell. Creating a climate of trust and confidence within the first contact!

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